Independent Workplace Investigations

Independent Workplace Investigations

MPG investigators are experienced former employment and business attorneys who understand the legal and business concepts that must be applied to workplace investigations. Our investigators know how to get the information they need by ethical, fair, and appropriate means. They are tough-minded and analytical, but possess substantial emotional intelligence and soft skills.

As published authors and teachers, we are extremely knowledgeable on matters such as workplace privacy, and what employers need to do to prevent or correct retaliation and the appearance of retaliation after employee complaints or whistle-blowing. We are court-qualified expert witnesses on many of the matters we are employed to investigate as well as on how to conduct fair, accurate, and thorough internal investigations. We have earned the confidence of Boards of Directors, executives and HR professionals by demonstrating independence and integrity in our investigations.

When Should You Consider MPG as Your Independent Investigator?

For more information on the current emphasis of Workplace Investigations and qualified Investigators, see the additional information included in our Background of Workplace Investigations page.

Internal Investigations Training

MPG also offers education, both Executive and Board level briefings, and multiple-day how-to boot camps for internal investigators, on planning for and conducting ethical, legal, and effective internal investigations.

A special note regarding cross-cultural and cross-border investigations:

Many investigations occur in organizations with a significant workforce mix of employees of differing nationalities, languages, cultures, and work/life experiences. These employees live and work in different parts of the world and are subject to different laws and legal systems and to differing cultural norms and values.

MPG investigators and staff are particularly experienced with and interested in cross-cultural and cross-border matters. Each of our staff members has lived or studied abroad, speaks one or more languages besides English, and possesses (and maintains) significant travel experience. Our investigators actively participate in a variety of international management and legal organizations and regularly present their expertise in speeches, workshops and panels around the world. We operate as a “home base” from both San Francisco and London.

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