Employment Law Services


Independent Workplace Investigations

Recent legal and regulatory developments as well as new media and public attention have dramatically altered the landscape for internal fact-finding and investigations in the American enterprise. The bar has now been raised—very high, in fact—both as to the new reasons and necessity for conducting organizational investigations, and also the necessary levels of sophistication, quality and effectiveness they demand.
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Expert Witness Services

D. Jan Duffy serves as an expert witness on behalf of both employers and employees in employment and business lawsuits, providing litigation consulting, evaluation, and testimony regarding appropriate management or employment practices.
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Compliance Programs

Legal and regulatory developments, not to mention public and media attention, have also raised the bar for organizational compliance and ethics efforts. Whether it is up-to-date and intelligent training, policy or procedure drafting, practices audits, or compliance fact-finding and investigation, MPG delivers highest quality results.
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Training & Coaching

All training is not created equal. MPG educators, who are specifically vetted for teaching excellence, are skilled, knowledgeable, interesting, and practical. Whatever the employment, compliance, or ethics-related subject, MPG students enjoy the process and, most important, actually LEARN.
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